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    Daily Excursion To Macedonia, Montenegro & Kosovo 2019

    Daily Excursion 2021

    Itinerary 1:  Macedonia  City's Tirana – Ohrid (Macedonia) – Tirana   Itinerary 2:   Montenegro City's Tirana – Budva- Kotor (Montenegro) - Tirana Tirana – Podgorica- Cetinje- Kotor- Budva- Tirana   Itinerary 3:  Kosovo City's Tirana – Prizren (Kosovo)- Tirana Tirana-…

    from 190165
    Nick Sedgwick
    Board member at Lichfield Festival Ltd – UK
    We travelled to Albania in 2012 with Brightwater Travel and TAB were our tour operator in Albania. We had an excellent holiday and the care and expertise of Jimmie Lama and his colleagues. Their business has expanded a lot and… Read More
    Nils-Erik Friis<br>Owner at Friis & Resor (Friis &Tours)
    Nils-Erik Friis
    Owner at Friis & Resor (Friis &Tours)
    I can highly recommend Tours Albania and Balkans and the owner Jimmy Lama. Jimmy is a very professional tour-organizer and listens carefully to his customers. I have had the pleasure to work with him already six years.
    Gillian Gloyer
    When I worked with Tours Albania & Balkans, their professional approach, combined with Jimmy Lama's people skills and knowledge of the country, ensured that everyone in the group got the most out of their holiday in Albania.
    Peter Yeoman<br>Edinburgh, United Kingdom
    Peter Yeoman
    Edinburgh, United Kingdom
    I worked with Tours Albania in May and October 2016 as the specialist archaeology guide leading a 1 week tour of Albania from Tirana south, with all arrangements on the tour, driver and local guide provided by Tours Albania. Tours… Read More
    Jack Delf<br>Owner of Black Mountain Adventure Travel and Adventure Tourism development consultant.
    Jack Delf
    Owner of Black Mountain Adventure Travel and Adventure Tourism development consultant.
    As a regional tour operator in the Western Balkans, I have known and worked with Jimmy and Tours Albania & Balkans for about 6 years now. Jimmy is very reliable, highly professional and a pleasure to work with. 'Tours Albania… Read More


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