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See more of the Balkan Peninsula and learn more about the regions varying cultures on this weeklong excursion from Tirana. Join a small group and visit the best of Albania, North Macedonia, Kosovo, and Montenegro. Enjoy a mix of cultural activities as well as visits to natural monuments like rivers, lakes, and canyons to get a well-rounded view of the region.

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Day 1


Arrive at Tirana Airport; Meet the representative of Tours Albania & Balkans, Take over the rental car. Introduction to the suggested tour, Handover of a travel kit including map, travel itinerary, detailed travel instructions (how to find sights, hotels, etc.), hotel addresses with the phone, restaurant suggestions. Emergency phone number, Verbal explanation about particularities, and some useful tips on driving in Albania. Drive to Tirana, check-in.
Interesting sights and museums to visit in Tirana:
-Et’hem Bey Mosque
-Scanderbeg square
-National Historical Museum
-Clock Tower
-Pyramid of Tirana
-Post-Block Memorial
-The Palace of Culture
-The New Bazar
-Mother Theresa Square
-Overnight in Tirana. Hotel Oxford

Day 2

Kruja – Durres- Tirana

Castle of Kruja – It was built during the 5th and 6th. The surrounding walls are reinforced by nine towers, which served as an observation and signaling post during times of war. Within the walls of the castle, there can still be found the remains of a few houses.
Interesting places and museums to visit in Kruja:
--Scanderbeg Museum – inside of Kruja Castle
-National Ethnographic – inside of Kruja Castle
-Museum Dollma Teqe (Tekke) – inside of Kruja Castle
-Old Bazaar – on the way to the castle, a medieval-type bazaar with traditional handicrafts such as wooden made objects, filigree, alabaster, silver, copper, wool carpets, etc. Depart for Durres, the port city and one of the oldest coastal cities in Albania (founded in 627 B.C.)
Interesting sights, places, and museums to visit in Durres:
Roman Amphitheatre – Built in the 2nd century A.D., situated near the center is the second biggest amphitheater which Romans built in the Balkans peninsula. Archaeological Museum – It is newly renovated and is the richest archaeological museum in Albania with finds mainly from Durres but it also has artifacts from other parts of the country. Forum and Roman bath – Built between 5-7th century A.D and conveniently situated in the center of town could be an interesting visit for archaeology enthusiasts. Promenade – A very nice walk by the Adriatic Sea coastline; do not miss Çela Gelateria, one of the best ice creams in Albania. Overnight in Tirana.

Day 3


Depart for Berat, which is enlisted in UNESCO World Heritage site.
Interesting sights and museums to visit in Berat:
Berat Castle – walking on the cobbled stone streets, you may see several medieval Orthodox churches and have a spectacular view of Osumi River, Shpirag, and Tomorri Mountain Onufri Museum – The Museum is called “Onufri”, in honor of the Albanian painting Headmaster of the XVI Century. The Cathedral is rebuilt in 1797, and it is the most representative monument of post-Byzantine architecture in Berat town. Ethnographic Museum – This museum was inaugurated in 1979. It includes the Berat region and southern Albanian folk ethnographic culture. The museum is placed in a three-century two-story building, typical for the Berat area.
-Mangalam district (Old Town)-Gorica district-Church of Holy Trinity-Kings Mosque-Helveti Tekke
In the late afternoon, you may like to go to Çobo winery to have local wines taste. It is a 100% Albanian product. back to Tirana

Day 4

Lezhe – Shkoder

Leave Tirana and on the way to Shkodra, you may stop in Lezha to visit the following suggested sights: The Castle of Lezha, built on a hill, from which you can see beautiful sights of the Drin River, the city of Lezha, and the Adriatic Sea, is one of the most interesting cultural and historical monuments of the country. Mausoleum of Skanderbeg in the Saint Nicholas church. George (Gjergj) KastriotiScanderbeg was an Albanian nobleman and military commander, who led a rebellion against the Ottoman Empire and stopped it to conquer Europe in the 15th
Interesting sights and museums to visit in Shkodra:
Rozafa Castle. With spectacular views over the city and Lake Shkodra, the Rozafa Fortress is the most impressive sight in town. Founded by the Illyrians in antiquity and rebuilt much later by the Venetians and then the Turks, the fortress takes its name from a woman who was allegedly walled into the ramparts as an offering to the gods so that the construction would stand. Marubi National Museum of Photography is famous for its big and rare collection of photos over Albanian history. Take a tour at Pedonalja, so-called Kole Idromeno Street which is the old center of Shkodra, very Mediterranean taste passing through mosques and churches. The lake of Shkodra is also suggested to visit, to bath, or to eat some of the best dishes of Albanian cuisine like Carp baked in a clay pot (Krap me tave), typical for this region. Venetian mask showroom. Overnight in Shkoder.

Day 5


Leave Shkodra to travel to Podgorica. Please, just bear in mind that you are to go through border crossing control. The suggested border crossing is Han i Hotit.
Interesting sights and places to visit:
-Niagara fall – There is another waterfall called Niagara, It is only 5 km away from Podgorica.
-Millennium Bridge – Once in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, you may visit and take photos of this nice moment of architecture. The bridge is built over Moraca River, the largest river in Montenegro, connecting the Old town with the New Modern quarter.
-Old town – The old quarter is typical old Turkish “kasaba” (town), with narrow and curvy streets.
-Clock tower – this 16 m tall tower was built at the end of the 17th century and is a symbol of the city. You can drive to Virpazar, a little fishermen’s village on the road from Podgorica towards the coast. It lies on the place where rivers Crmnica and Orahovštica meet and immediately flow into Skadar Lake. Overnight in Shkoder.

Day 6

Shkoder – Valbona

Leave Shkodra to travel to Valbona, First, stop at Koman to take the ferry to Fierza. Around 2 hours ferry travel in Koman Lake. An astonishing and marvelous scenic trip; a one-time life experience.
-Bajram Curri town -Shoshani canyons -Valbona valley
Overnight in Valbona.

Day 7


Interesting sights and places to visit:
-Valbona waterfall -Old Watermill-Xhemas lake
Overnight in Valbone.

Day 8

Valbone – Prizren – Tirana

Leave Valbona to travel to Tirana via Prizren, Kosovo. Please, just bear in mind that you are to go through border crossing control. The suggested border crossing is Qafe Morine.
Interesting sights and places to visit:
-Gjakova old bazaar -Prizren Fortress -Sinan Pasha mosque in Prizren -Orthodox Cathedral in Prizren -Stone bridge in Prizren
After leaving Prizren, please cross the border at Morine to enter Albania.
Overnight in Tirane

Day 9

Tirana – Airport

Departure to Airport. Return of rental car either in Tirana or Airport as initially agreed.

  • Car rental from Tirana airport on day 1 to Tirana airport on day  8th
  • 17 Overnights in 4 * hotels (local standards subject to availability)
  • Meeting one of our representatives at airport to hand in the information package
  • 7x Breakfast
  • 24/7 assistance during all your trip
  • Travel diary including all information, visits, contacts, and tips day per day
  • Welcome drink at airport
  • Lunches & dinners
  • The entrances in the monument
  • Activities mentioned in the program
  • Insurance
  • The return flights
  • Tour guide


  • Sightseeing tour of the city’s 70 € / visit

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