Shore Excursions

For more than half a century, one the pearls of the Mediterranean shores, remained a prohibited land for the foreign visitors. Albania is an exciting brand new cruise destination. It is the less known country of eastern Mediterranean. Below follows a list of proposed shore excursions from the three main ports of the country: Durres, Saranda and Vlora. Our tours from the ports of Albania will help you explore this undiscovered nation.

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Best Seasons:April, May, June, Luly, August, Septemer, October
Popular Location:All Albania Coast...

Shore Excursions for 2019

    Durres Port- Kruja- Tirana- Durres Port

    Meet our representatives at the port and start of tour. Drive to Kruja – a small characteristic town perched on a hill, center of Albanian resistance against the Ottoman Turks under national hero Scanderbeg. Scanderbeg kept Turks from crossing into…

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      Durres Port- Durres 3-4 hrs Tour

      On this tour you will discover the city of Durres and learn about its colorful history and remarkable architecture and culture. Durres is a very ancient city, but today its antiquities are only visible intermittently. Originally a Greek colony, it has…

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