Extend your reach, not your day. ‘’Tours Albania & Balkans’’ replaces hours long trips and complicated airport connections. Because we fly point-to-point between airports located as close as possible to where you are and where you want to go. All the helicopter tours will be Custom Trip Request. Designed on your interest.

‘’Tours Albania & Balkans’’ offers international and domestic flights services.

 Helicopter Agusta 109 

Tours Albania & Balkans offers: Helicopter Agusta 109 – 8 seats

  • Transport VIP for our clients
  • Transport for different photographic or films
  • Guide services for tourist clients

National flights:
(Round trip)

Tirana- Valbona   90 min

Tirana- Dhermi    80 Min

Tirana- Saranda- Butrint- 130 Min

Tirana- Razma- Thethi- 120 Min

Tirana- Korca- Dardha- 120 Min

Tirana- Brindisi 140 Min

International Flights:
(Round trip)

Tirana- Dubrovnik -120 Min

Tirana-Budva- 100 Min

Tirana- Ohrid- 80 Min

Tirana- Corfu 150 Min

Tirana- Skopje-120 Min

Tirana- Brindisi 140 Min


Until 3 hours of flight the price is 1600 euro/ per 1hour

Over 3 hours of flight the price will be
1450 euro/ per 1 hour

Waiting (stop) until 3 hours is totally FREE.

Over 3 hours of waiting (stop) is 50 euro/hour

Agusta A109 helicopter AW109 is an easy 8-seat twin-engine multi-functional, produced by the Italian manufacturer Agusta (now Agusta Westland) since 1971. Augusta  is one of the VIP helicopters more comfortable and  safer in the world. Some of the key features of this helicopter are the reduced of the noise, wide passenger cabin and exceptional design. The interior consists of a helicopter pilot and deputy pilot and passenger seats.

VIP Flights
We can provide you with the ultimate VIP experience through our first class service. Our VIP helicopter charter services are ideal for VIP’s or business executives interested in saving time as well as enjoying the best corporate helicopter travel.

Photography and Filming
We offer laser scanning in cooperation with Milan Geoservise GmbH. The combined effort of our two companies enables us to produce very high quality and precise 3-D models for use in various applications like flood control, cartography or route planning. Our Eurocopter AS-355 are extremely versatile aircrafts capable of performing lifting’s as a sky crane while also providing a very stable platform for aerial photography and filming.