Tours Albania & Balkans

Here at TAB we are proud to call ourselves the specialists for holidays to
Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Croatia & Bosnia

What We Do

TAB is an independent specialist Tour Operator with 15 years of experience in planning and arranging memorable holidays, so you can be sure you are in safe and competent hands.
We know all there is to know about the destinations we feature and will continue to offer you the most comprehensive choice and best value for money holidays possible.
TAB represents the very best of Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, Croatia, Northern Greece & Bosnia. We put a lot of effort into ensuring that your holiday is as relaxed and enjoyable as you deserve. So whatever you are looking for, whether it’s glorious beaches, clear tranquil waters, breathtaking mountain scenery, fascinating people, impressive sights or warm hospitality, we are confident that you can find your ideal destination here.


For over 10 years TAB Travel has helped plan detailed journeys for thousands of leisure travelers, families, business people, relief organizations, government officials, and religious pilgrims alike. Our travel experts have personal, first-hand knowledge of our destinations to make suggestions for a one-of-a-kind adventure.

The Company

TAB Travel is a tour operator founded in Tirana Albania in 2007, during the last 15 years the company has established itself as a leader on the Albanian & Balkan travel markets.
TAB Travel is mostly focused on professionally organizing trips for group tours, individual travelers and small groups, private groups, FIT,Jeep Tour,Tailor made tours, as the main priority is the offering of the most flexible itineraries possible. The head offices of the company are in Tirana Albania.


Our Tours

Since its foundation TAB Travel has been guided by its restless exploration drive, which is why the main focus of the company has always been on remote and unexplored destinations. We believe that the encounters with distant and completely different cultures and landscapes have an extraordinary enriching influence on every traveler, which is why our main goal is to offer our clients exciting and unforgettable experiences.
Entering the Albanian market, our goal has been to reveal some of the most exotic destinations to the Albania & Balkan travelers on an affordable price.
As we believe that what makes a journey truly unforgettable is not only the destination but the overall experience, we always try to organize our trips in a way that includes maximum interaction with the local communities, as well as with the surrounding landscapes that we encounter during our travels.


During our tours we look for accommodation in small and middle-sized hotels, providing all the necessary sanitary conditions and comfort for a multi-day stay. Accommodation is important for us and we carefully chose and test our overnight locations, however it is not the main goal of our trips, which is why you should not expect to be housed in luxury hotels and spa retreats during our trips.

Tour leaders and local guides

We believe in the key role of the guide for every trip, which is why we prioritize on sending guides who can also work at the company, knowing the routes and the logistics of each of our trips.
Being adventurous and highly experienced in the tours we offer, our guides are the factor that unites each group and ensures the smooth conduct of our trips.
Most of our distant destination tours include local guides with profound knowledge on their corresponding areas, whose quality we track through the constant feedback of our customers, which we strongly adhere to for each aspect of our trips.

Responsible Travel

We take responsible travel very seriously and endeavor to minimize the impact of our tours, and contribute to local communities.


Likewise, we make a point of eating at smaller restaurants, or with local families in villages en route.

Picnic lunches

We buy produce for our tours from street markets and small local shops, not supermarkets.

Litter & Waste

Albania, like most of the Balkans, has a trash problem. We leave no plastic or paper waste behind on our tours – we take only photos and leave behind footprints. We try too to educate locals on the importance of responsible waste disposal (an uphill task…). On trekking tours we provide zip-lock plastic bags to keep toilet paper till it can be disposed of properly.

Local Suppliers

By their very nature, most of our tours travel through extremely remote areas. Here we make a point of buying services from locals. This makes a small but positive impact in the villages, and makes for a better experience for our clients.

Our clients

Our trips are designed for curious people, willing to explore places and cultures; totally different from the ones they spend their everyday lives. Our tours do not require any specific and intellectual preparation – all we expect from our clients is open mindedness and will to encounter something new, unusual and interesting. The tours we offer are suitable both for small and middle sized groups, without any age limitations.



Your holidays are most valuable to us!

To make sure you spend them exactly in the way you like, we create personalized trips according to your desires, requirements and interests. Tailoring your tour brings us joy! It’s always a welcomed job out of the ordinary and leaves an extra-ordinary memory with us. We’re proud of the personalized tours we created so far and all of our classic guided tours evolved from tailor-made trips.Our fields of expertise are Cultural tours, Archeological, Eco Tours,  walking holidays, hiking and trekking tours in Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia.
All our tours and trips are designed in the framework of a sustainable and responsible tourism approach.
Let us know what you’re looking for
  • Special interests in photography, history, cooking, food & wines, handicrafts, fauna or flora, geology
  • Transportation on wheels: in private car or 4×4
  • Activities that get the adrenaline flowing such as rafting, climbing or paragliding
  • Other sports: kayaking, diving, river walking.
  • Even if we can’t organize the activity you’re longing for ourselves, we will always be in touch with the people who can help to realize them!
  • Also don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested in hand-on adventures such as farm stays or volunteerism.
  •  Every year a summer school program is organized in two/three villages of the Albanian Alps in which English is taught and awareness for environmental issues raised .